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ASCII Members Receive FREE Conference Passes for NexGen Cloud Conference December 4-5

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ASCII Members receive free conference passes for the upcoming NexGen Cloud Conference & Expo taking place December 4-5 at the San Diego Marriott & Convention Center.

This event will focus on how cloud computing is changing the way companies conduct business today and in the future.  Register today to receive the special link to make your hotel reservation at our negotiated rate of $179.

*Enter the promo code EX0CON49 when you register and you will receive $100 off either the expo pass (making it free!) or the conference & expo pass*

Register Now

* The deadline to register online and receive discounted expo and conference passes is Wednesday, November 26.

Ducati Giveaway

We are giving away a Ducati Monster 696 at the NexGen Cloud Conference & Expo!  Attending multiple sessions will increase the number of times your name is entered into the drawing. You must be checked in at the conference by 12:00PM on December 5 and you must be present at 3:00PM in the prize giveaway area in order to be eligible to win.

Highlighted Session

Masterminds & Thought Leaders: Acceleration of Technology in the 21st Century: the Impact on Business, the Economy, and Society
Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering, Google

What is the Law of Accelerating Returns and how will it transform society?  What are the challenges and opportunities of transcending biology: of nanobots, fuel cells, and bioterrorism? How will businesses manage innovation in an era of accelerating technologies? As information technology asymptotes to 100{0227c8b27d3643b319fca80e0d52ece22d029d3e12a11668fde66cd4475dd8cc} of the value of products and services, how will business models and strategies change? When and how will human level AI be developed? How will biotechnology and nanotechnology impact our bodies and brains? When will we see full immersion virtual reality and how will it impact business?  Renowned inventor, entrepreneur, best-selling author, widely sought after speaker and futurist, Ray Kurzweil will expand your mind as he shares his vision of the future.

 View the full event agenda here.


Pricing & Passes – Must Register by November 26 To Receive Discounted Rates Using Promo Code

Expo Only Pass: $99  Free Using Promo Code EX0CON49 when registering
Network with your peers and 150 vendors. Attend Expo Hall-only activities, such as general sessions and keynote presentations.

Conference Expo Pass: $149  $49 Using Promo Code EX0CON49 when registering
Full access to the Expo Hall and admission to all conference sessions.

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