The ASCII Group’s Commitment to Privacy

The ASCII Group, Inc., Inc. has created this privacy statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and to protect your rights as a visitor to our site. The document outlines what information is collected about visitors and how we use this information. If after reading our privacy statement you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please e-mail (info_at_ascii_com).

Information The ASCII Group, Inc. gathers/tracks about you

The ASCII Group, Inc. server automatically generates statistics about our visitors. When you visit The ASCII Group, Inc. our server tracks your IP address, your client type (what web browser you are using), your Operating System type, the time, and the referring page (what page had the link you followed to The ASCII Group, Inc.). This data is not used to track or identify specific visitors to the site . This data is used solely in aggregate to identify general trends about visits to our web site. The trends we identify from this data help us better tailor The ASCII Group, Inc. to our visitor’s browsing habits, recognize how visitors initially find The ASCII Group, Inc., and attract advertisers.

What this site does with the information it gathers/tracks

The ASCII Group, Inc. uses the information our servers collect to create aggregate data and define trends in web site visits. The information the servers collect are: visitor’s IP address, Operating System type, the time, and the referring page. This information helps The ASCII Group, Inc. improve our web site, our promotions, and our attractiveness to advertisers. With whom this site shares the information it gathers/tracks The ASCII Group, Inc. shares aggregate data collected about user visits to site with potential industry advertisers and partners.

ASCII Marketing Services and Data

Certain services ASCII provides its members requires the member to disclose confidential information such as customer lists or credentials such as usernames and passwords. Information supplied to the site or to ASCII is held in strictest confidence on a need-to-know basis and is only utilized for the purpose of activating or using a service. No information provided by an ASCII member for said services is resold, rented or otherwise released by ASCII in any fashion other than for the purpose of activating that service.

Further Issues

The ASCII Group, Inc. includes links to web sites not owned or controlled by The ASCII Group, Inc. The ASCII Group, Inc. expresses, disclaims and makes no guarantees about the privacy protections in place on these sites.