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Each plan covers not only you, but your entire company. Subject to approval based on your application.

Save $599

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$99/month on average
Save $280

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Upgradable 60 day terms

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All Plans Include

  • Company Wide Access
  • VPA Agreements
  • Private Member Forums
  • PR Opportunities
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Sub-Contracting Visibility
  • Pricing & Quoting Tools
  • Private Group Buys
  • US IT Sales Tax Support
  • Problem Resolution Desk
  • MSP Market Research
  • Regional Peer Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the membership fee?

You gain access to all of our 70+ programs, as well
as a dedicated membership representative.

Am I required to use certain vendors like a franchise?

ASCII is vendor agnostic and we do not require use of
any particular vendor to be a part of the community

Do I have to use all of the programs offered?

Not at all – pick and choose which programs work
best for you and your business

Are vendors allowed on member discussion boards?

Our member discussion boards are completely
vendor free and unmoderated.

Will my fees increase if I add additional employees?

No. ASCII membership covers your entire company
and any staff you may add in the future.

Is there a free trial?

Membership in The ASCII Group is risk free. We offer
a 100% refund after 90 days.

International Members

Seeking to join our community? We have over 200 ASCII members
in Canada and others scattered around the globe. Contact our team
for special international membership information here.