What Members Say About ASCII

Once you join The ASCII Group, you instantly become a member of the inner circle and will find a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips. But don’t take it just from us, our members have plenty to say about our IT community.

Leveraging More Services For Growth

David Stinner, Principal of US itek, explains how they initially joined ASCII for a group buy proposition and soon found additional services and amenities to take advantage of with the advent of managed services.

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“I joined about 18 months ago and wish I’d done it a lot sooner. This is an excellent resource, with some very knowledgeable people on it.”

Des Dougan, Owner, Dougan Consulting Group Inc., Member since 2016

“ASCII has been invaluable. It is worth every penny that we pay, and it’s not really that much. The information you get and the savings, it pays for itself.”

Chip Evans, Compuware, President, Computer Care, Inc., Member since 1988

“The ASCII Group got us off the ground. We went from not existing – no name, website, customers… nothing, to being cash flow positive in 10 months flat. That is a remarkable achievement.”

Jason McNew, CEO, Stronghold Cyber Security, Member since 2017

Managed Service Provider Testimonal

“ASCII is an amazing organization. It’s changed the way I do business; taking me from a guy who fixed computers to a business owner who supports and works hand-in-hand with business leaders, providing them with the best technology solutions available to help manage and grow their companies.”

Carl de Prado, President, A2Z Business IT, Member since 2014

“We have more than doubled our revenue and tripled in employee size (since being an ASCII member), and there is a direct correlation between the two. I am so thankful we joined ASCII and I intend to stay a member for many years to come.”

Lynn Souza, CEO, Connect Computer, Member since 2008

“ASCII is the equivalent of having about 3,500 co-workers for tech support, product info, and comic relief. My ASCII membership continues to pay for itself many times over with the billable work we do for and on behalf of fellow ASCII members.”

Ed Mana, Owner, Technology on Demand, Member since 2011

Member Case Studies

ASCII Peers Mean Business

“I felt I was surrounded by people who understood what I was trying to accomplish. We were all in the same tribe. I became good friends with many of the members and still am to this day.” Chad Kempt, Founder, Fast Computers

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ASCII Provides Strategic Growth for MSPs

ASCII Provides Strategic Growth

“I have been a member with ASCII since 2014 and in that time, I have obtained around $200,000 worth of business from other members and the subcontracting desk.” Stanley Louissaint, Founder, Fluid Designs

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Moving Business Ahead With ASCII

“There is definitely a lot of value with ASCII. You guys stand apart as the preeminent professionals for IT service firms. There is no one else that comes close.” David Streit, Principal, Stephill Associates

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Our Members

ASCII would be nothing without the continued support and commitment of its members, many of which have been with the community for 20+ years.

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ASCII Group Headquarters

The ASCII Group is headquartered in Bethesda, MD. ASCII also has multiple remote offices in cities across North America.